Dedicated Professional Mediation Services in Calgary

Our team of experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping you. We provide professional mediation services that are particular to your individual situation. We will assist you with help through the process of divorce, financial support planning and family dispute resolution. When it comes to matters such as divorce, we take a very careful and professional approach. We know it can be a difficult time when those in a family decide to divorce and we are here to ensure that the needs of all involved are met. Our professional mediation services ensure that each party is satisfied with the outcome.

Mediation Services Tailored for Your Family Situation

When you partake in our mediation services, our experienced mediator will sit down with all parties involved in proceedings and discuss the best approach to resolving any conflict that may have come up. The mediator will not take sides; we are in this process to ensure that each person is cared for. During the mediation proceedings they will take into account a number of factors, including:

  • Parenting the children
  • Financial support
  • Family home and property allocation
  • Financial Planning

Our experienced mediators will work through any other issues that arise during proceedings to ensure a timely, efficient and satisfactory outcome for all parties following proceedings.

Professional Mediation Services to Help You

Our service is completely confidential so you will be able to discuss and resolve any family issues knowing that all information will remain completely private. Decisions you make will help you structure your future as your family moves in a new direction. All decisions and agreements reached will be completed in a professional manner. We ensure that all parties leaving proceedings are happy with the final outcome.

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