Reliable Domestic Contract Lawyers in Calgary

Domestic contracts are legal agreements between two individuals living in a family relationship that set out their particular right and responsibilities. These agreements, if properly executed, are legally binding. Cohabitation agreementsmarriage contracts and separation agreements are different kinds of domestic contracts.

Some of the advantage of having a domestic contract include:

  • Couples can agree in advance about how to settle their family law That means they don’t have to apply to a court to decide these important matters for them.
  • They often help families avoid conflicts about spousal and child support, custody to and access of their children as well as division of pensions and property.
  • They allow spouses to divide marital property in a manner other than the one set out in the Matrimonial Property Act or Family Property Act.
  • They enable unmarried couples living in a common-law relationship who do not benefit from the Matrimonial Property Act to set out their rights and obligations.

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