Do I Need My Own Lawyer During A Divorce?

Going through a divorce is a complicated process. One of the first things you should ask if you find yourself facing a divorce is “Do I need a lawyer?” Some couples can work things out with the help of a neutral third party, but for many, this isn’t an option. Consider this information as you decide whether you need a divorce lawyer.

A Divorce Lawyer can Fan the Flames

Choosing the wrong lawyer may be worse than not having one at all. Some lawyers are overly aggressive and can turn the divorce into a battle that goes on longer than necessary. Avoid creating additional tension by looking for a Calgary divorce lawyer who matches your level of intensity. If you want an amicable divorce, look for a lawyer that will work toward that; if you need a more aggressive lawyer, look for someone willing to go head to head with your spouse’s lawyer.

When to Hire a Calgary Lawyer

There are a number of situations when it makes a lot of sense to work with a divorce lawyer. If there is a problem with abuse, your spouse is being vindictive or dishonest, you have complicated finances, or your spouse has a lawyer, then you should contact a law firm and seek assistance. In these and other stressful situations, it’s challenging for people to represent themselves and negotiate effectively.

A Law Firm Helps You Through the Complicated Process

Divorce is a complicated legal process. Working with a law firm is a great way to make sure that everything is taken care of properly. Divorce lawyers are a great resource and can answer your questions and help the process proceed more smoothly.

Divorce is messy and complicated. Although you may be able to wade through the proceedings on your own, it’s usually wise to hire a Calgary lawyer.

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