Signs a Relationship Won’t Last, from a Calgary Divorce Lawyer

Looking for someone who’s seen the bad side of relationships and has insight into why couples split up? Calgary divorce lawyers regularly work with couples ending their relationships. Here are some common signs that a relationship won’t last from divorce lawyers.


One Partner is Judgmental According to Divorce Lawyers in Calgary


Partners need to accept each other for a marriage to last. Divorce lawyers see many couples where a judgmental partner initiates a divorce. They expect their criticism to change the person, and when it doesn’t, they move on.


Divorce Lawyers See Everything Come Before the Relationship


There are lots of responsibilities and pressures in life, but if these things come before your marriage it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s common for divorce lawyers in Calgary to work with people who put family obligations, work responsibilities, and other commitments before their relationship.


A Lack of Intimacy Between Couples Seeking Calgary Divorce Lawyers


Emotional and physical intimacy is a crucial part of relationships; it helps build the closeness and trust that makes marriages stronger. Couples need to work on keeping intimacy fresh.


A Family Law Firm Deals with Partners who Feel Entitled


Marriages require give and take; you don’t always get things your way. Calgary divorce lawyers often see couples who feel entitled, which makes compromise impossible and leads to relationship problems.


Lawyers Work with Couples that Feel Incomplete Without Their Partner


Married couples form a unit, but should be made of two individuals. Expecting your partner to complete you can lead to problems. Divorce lawyers in Calgary hear complaints about the undue pressure this expectation causes. It’s also a sign of immaturity.


A family law firm has lawyers who have seen it all when it comes to relationships ending. Put their experience to good use by watching out for these signs.


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