4 Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

If you and your spouse are contemplating filing for a divorce, the chances are that things are pretty rocky. You may have tried everything in your power to make it work but to no avail. While we don’t necessarily recommend that you stay in a relationship that is unhealthy, divorce is a serious concept, and there are some things you may need to consider before making any rash decisions.

What You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

  1. Is the Relationship Truly Over?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if the relationship is truly over. Do you want to make it work? Are you making an emotional decision? You and your spouse may want to consider these questions before proceeding with a Calgary divorce lawyer.


  1. Consider the Negative Consequences of Divorce

Again, while you shouldn’t stay in a relationship that is toxic, unhealthy, or abusive, you should be aware of all the negative consequences of divorce. A separation may require you to move which could affect your career, social life, and financial state, not to mention putting your children at risk for additional distress.


  1. Who Will Have Custody?

If you have kids, divorce can be a little trickier. You may want to work out some of the details of your custody agreements before meeting with a Calgary divorce lawyer. Luckily, divorce and family law firms are experienced and knowledgable about the subject and will be able to provide some guidance on the matter of child custody.


  1. What Will Your Relationship Be Like?

Divorce tends to cause hurt feelings and emotional distress. If your separation is amicable, you might be able to count on a healthy relationship after the divorce. Before signing any papers, it’s a good idea to consider how you will act around your spouse after the divorce, how often you will see each other and what your overall relationship will be.

Advice From a Calgary Divorce Lawyer

When it comes to a divorce, hiring a lawyer is practically inevitable. A family law firm can assist with everything from property divisions, mediation services, separation agreements, and child custody arrangements.

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