How To Support Your Kids During A Divorce

It’s no secret that divorce is difficult, particularly on children. They may not understand what’s happening and can feel confused, frightened, and rejected. Lending comfort and helping them work through the situation is important. Here’s how you can support your kids during a divorce.

Advice On Supporting Your Kids From Your Divorce Lawyers

  • Make It Clear Your Children are Loved
    Kids often assume they are to blame when parents turn to divorce. Reassure your children often that they are loved and the divorce isn’t their fault. Explain that what happened is between daddy and mommy and not a result of anything they did.
  • Help Kids Express Their Feelings
    Children need to be able to ask questions and share their feelings about what’s happening with their parents. They may not want to talk right away, but let them know they can come to you whenever they want. Encourage them to be honest, and help them use words to express their emotions by asking them how they are feeling and being a good listener. Reassure them that their feelings and concerns are valid.
  • Offer Support to Children During The Divorce
    Suggest ways to help kids feel better as you navigate your divorce, like going on a walk, sitting together, holding a favourite toy, or talking to a parent on the phone. Ask them what might help them feel better, and let them share ideas too.
  • Save the Fighting For The Divorce Lawyer
    No matter how upset you are with your ex, try to avoid yelling, arguing, or violent behaviour in front of your kids. As much as you hate your partner at this moment, they could be a great parent, so don’t ruin their relationship with your children. Focus the fight in the courts with your Calgary divorce lawyers.

Navigating divorce law is a difficult task for you, which is why you leave it to the family lawyers. When it comes to your kids, give yourself and your children the time and space you need to work through the change.

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